Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good germination noted.

We went into an Uncle Bucks store today near where we went shopping and bought the only 3 sleeves they had of the foam coffee cups for $1.00 per sleeve of 25. These turned out to be the same size as the others used and are almost the size of a 3" tube and less than half the cost so it all worked out well in the long run. The afternoon was spent pricking out the final seedlings, giving us a grand total of 168 Chilli/Pepper/Capsicum plants to work with. I guess the only poor germination noted on all the seeds were that three of the Purple Beauty Capsicums didn't germinate, but these were freebies, so could have been old stock perhaps so a great result.

I noticed a tricot in the Jimmy Nardello Peppers, so I will keep an eye on it as it grows.

About 4 weeks to go - then it's "Tomato Season" here.