Saturday, June 7, 2008

I decided to sow some seed today.

I wasn't going to start writing in this Blog just yet, but I want to record what I did this afternoon so I will have a record of the date, so here it is. I've been getting ready to start sowing some seed for Peppers and Chillies at the end of June, but had a thought today that the weather is holding and I may be able to get some seedlings if I planted a few seeds and just let them do their own thing in the hothouse, no heat mat or help in any way.
Using Prop Mix, I filled a tray and sowed seeds for Corno di Toro, Jimmy Nardello, Sweet Temptation and a Mini Chocolate Capsicum. If I don't get many to grow I won't feel bad about it, as it helps with the idea of waiting another 3 weeks to start.