Thursday, June 26, 2008

On The List For This Season

Earlier this year, my neighbour gave me a plastic coin bag with a conglomerate of tomato seeds and flesh, dried out and resembling charcoal.

I washed and separated the seeds and allowed to them to dry before doing a germination test on them. I managed to get 4 from 7 seeds to germinate, so they are viable and will be included in the crop for this season.

The Story on the Seeds - Charlie, my neighbour from two doors down got bailed up one day by the Jehovah Witnesses and being the chatterbox he is, got talking about growing tomatoes. One of the JW's said his wife was Greek and she grows tomatoes from her home country and he would give him some seed. These seeds are what he was given and then in turn he gave them to me, so it will be interesting to see what eventuates with them.

They don't have a name, but one has been suggested - 'Greek Witness'. Thanks Ray. lol.