Friday, June 20, 2008

Thoughts of sowing tomato seed.

With it being close to the end of June, it might be a good time to have a rummage through the seed box and try and work out what tomatoes will be grown this year and make up a growing list. I intend to grow some bush type (determinate) varieties this year for those that will purchase seedlings, plus a couple of varieties of the popular ones from last year. There are a couple of varieties that won't make it again this year due to either bad growth habit or poor taste.

I'll have a couple of varieties that I am 'growing out' as these are from crosses in earlier filial generations and have not yet stabilised, with my Little Heart being one, while another is the striped form of Casey's Pure Yellow of which I have two (2) seeds only.

I'll keep the chili seedlings on the heat mat for a while longer before pricking them out to their own pots.

It's an interesting time once the seed is sown - I can't wait.