Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catering for the small grower

Last season I had numerous requests for tomato plants that don't take up much room, or can grow on a balcony as some buyers lived in Flats, or had small garden areas. To cater for these people this year, I've decided to include a "small" range of plants to my growing list. By small I should call them ornamental to small types, which should see an increase in purchases, even just as a novelty plant to have on the windowsill at home.

Today I have begun sowing the seeds that will hopefully grow these ornamental and smaller than usual tomato plants. I know there'll be lots more varieties that I could have grown, but I think I have covered my bases with the ones I currently have sitting on the heat pad in the hothouse. The important thing I have to remember, is that I'm catering for suburban single or family gardens, which may be very small or non existent.

For those interested in small tomato plants, here is the list of those just sown:-

Red Robin
Tiny Tim
Micro Tom
Prairie Fire
Window Box Roma

Looking at the above list, the plants range in size from 60cm down to about 13cm - 20cm. If I have my timing right, I will be on track with the next sowing on the 28th.