Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the hothouse

I decided to pot up all the tomatoes I plan on growing in the garden this year into 140mm pots, to enable me to hold off from planting at my usual time if the need arose, so yesterday and today I did some and they look quite good although I'm only about 2/3rds of the way done at this stage.
Amongst the multitude of plants I found that I had four compact seedlings of Polar Star sitting at the front of a tray in the hothouse, so these got potted up, then when I checked my database I was supposed to have seven plants and when located the other three they turned out to be different for some reason. Mix ups with tomato seed is always on the cards, just look at the Cuor di Bue that turned out throwing 'mutant' strains of fruit in both shape and colour, hence where the little heart tomato origins are. I've decided to keep the four 'compact' plants and get rid of the other three as I don't want years of stress growing them out.
The Cuor di Bue mentioned above threw fruit with unusual shape, ribs & colour last year so I'm growing four plants this year to see what turns up. I have also got three plants of the tomato 'Little Heart' to grow on and see if there's any improvement in shape as they had superb flavour, so fingers crossed I get good results again.
I have the majority of the plants for the bigger tomatoes almost up to a size where they can come out and be hardened off.
With the other items I'm growing, the cucumbers have not grown as planned and the Goji's are starting to hit their straps with lots of new growth and may get sold off at Christmas if they get some size to them.

Here's my grow list for this season, with some multiples-

Black Cherry
Black Russian
Casey's Stripey
Cherokee Purple
Country Orange
Cuor di Bue
Greek Witness
Grosse Lisse
Grub's Mystery Green
Lime Green Salad
Little Heart
Micro Tom
Monomakh's Hat
Papa Misco
Polar Star
Prairie Fire
Rainy's Maltese
Red Cloud
Red Robin
Tiny Tim
Window Box Roma