Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally Done

Today I planted my last tomato plant. No surprises there, until you see how many we've got growing, both in the garden and in pots. I only hope they all don't ripen at once otherwise we'll be inundated with the things. With so many varieties, it pays to keep a record of what is actually where, be it in the garden or in the hothouse, so here is my list, so far.

Grosse Lisse
Rainy's Maltese
Black Russian
Greek Witness
Black Cherry
Grub's Mystery Green
Red Cloud
Country Orange
Mutant - Cuor di Bue
Polar Star
Casey's Pure Yellow
Little Heart
(Rogue) Brandywine Pink?
Cherokee Purple
Monomakh's Hat
Lime Green Salad
Papa Misco
Prairie Fire
Window Box Roma

This list doesn't include the likes of Tiny Tim, Micro Tom & Red Robin that Jan has growing amongst other plants. I'm also hoping to emulate the mixed varieties that grew from the Cuor di Bue seeds I had given to me, so I actually have 5 plants that should give me the desired effects, plus I have another 5 plants that I called 'Little Heart', scattered around the yard.

I almost forgot, but there's still one more tomato plant to go in, but I haven't been given it yet. It's another Romanian tomato from the same family who gave me the seeds for Nicoleta, who also gave me seeds for this second one but I couldn't get them to germinate this season as they are very old, bought out here by the father of the lady who gave them to me. Just recently the seed was successfully germinated within the Romanian family and I have been promised a plant when it gets bigger, so I can't wait to try it out this season. Nicoleta is a fabulous tomato and has a taste that would rival any other tomato here this year, so lets hope this new one also has great flavour.

I just need to get some ripe fruit now and I'll know - 'It's tomato season' ....