Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tomato Plants Galore

Well, we've still got some tomato plants here and will try another Market and see if we can get rid of what's left. Surprising when you don't grow many of one variety, that's the type everyone wants, this year it was Black Russian. Some varieties won't be grown again and doubt anyone will want Marianna's Peace as the plants grew a lot bigger than any of the others.

Yesterday and again today, I managed to get some of this seasons tomato plants actually planted in the garden which gave me great satisfaction, I must say after all the work. I'll manage to squeeze in 31 plants in the vegetable garden plot, but will still have a lot in pots and tubs. We're using a big chunk of our bed this year on the mutant plants that we expect from some odd Cuor di Bue seeds. We're trying to uncover what else is hiding in them as last year we got all shapes, sizes and colours, so the luck of the draw I think this time.

Here's the work in progress so far, but have to wait on the last plants to harden off a bit, slower now with the warm days we're having.

Something that stood out while moving the pots to the garden was Kotlas, first one to fruit again.