Friday, January 23, 2009

Hot Chocolate

This year when I grew my seedlings for Brandywine Pink tomatoes I found I had one single seedling with a regular leaf, where Brandywine is normally a Potato Leaf variety, so I knew I had a ring in. I planted this seedling in the corner of the vegetable garden in the hope it may produce an new unknown variety.

This plant has grown well and is now producing mature fruit that has an unusual 'brownish' colour to its skin as it ripens, which is most unusual. Could it be a cross with a Brandywine Pink, or just a ring in seed.

Here's one almost ripe on the bush.

The same tomato after being picked for a couple of days and left inside to ripen fully

And finally the same tomato cut ready to be taste tested.

Although not the best tomato we've eaten, it is unusual with its brown skin so we've given it a working name of Hot Chocolate because it was so hot when we cut it - plus its brown skin colour.