Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tomatoes - New from Old

We've just had a taste of some hot weather with a couple of days in the 30c+ range, so upon hearing the forecast I decided to take some cuttings from some of the tomato plants in the garden that I haven't yet got seed from, so as not to lose a season if anything happened to any of them. Filling some 3" Supertubes with Propagation Mix and wetting it down, I took lateral cuttings from the plants and stuck them in the tubes. These tubes were then placed in the bathroom, our dullest room for daylight during the day. After 3 days I can feel resistance on the stem which would indicate the presence of roots, so all seems well and I have 5 cuttings which I'll allow to grow inside for another week, then I'll harden them off.

Only leaves that would be below the level of the mix in the tube were cut off and the remainder will be trimmed when the time comes to plant in the garden. This is a good way to get mature seedling size plants going at anytime during the season.

Have you tried New for Old?