Friday, February 13, 2009

Ring In gets a name

When the time came to cut the 'Ring In' tomato (as we referred to it below) we got a nice surprise as to what was inside. Cutting off a few slices, we soon found a deep red flesh with the appearance of velvet, so we'll use this thought and name it "Red Velvet'. When we tasted the slices, we were pleasantly amazed at the deep tomato flavour in this fruit, as it was very nice. I've saved a dozen seeds from the first tomato and will now wait on a fruit carrying a pink ribbon, so I can get pure seed for my growing on of this variety.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ring Ins and Wrong Labels

This year I dug up a small section of lawn to plant out a few tomato plants that I had, because I was short on growing space. One of the plants that found its way into this patch was a self sown seedling that came up in a tub with some Zucchini's, the tub and its contents having been used last season. I thought at first the tomato plant may have been from a yellow variety I grew in the tubs last year, but soon realised that this was a regular leaf plant, where last years were potato leaf. Today I picked my first ripe fruit from this plant, but I cannot work out what variety it is, so all I can do is call it a 'ring in'.

Here's a photo of the fruit.

The very next plant in this same bed as the fruit above, is also producing ripe fruit, but how disappointed was I when I saw the fruit shape and size, realising that this one must have been wrongly labeled and not the tear shaped cherry tomato I was expecting. I have since found that these could possibly be a variety called 'Ceylon'.

Here's a few to show you.