Saturday, August 15, 2009

All Sown

The last of my tomato seeds that were sown on Monday are germinating, so the germination process is closing for me for another year. My grow list is larger than I'd hoped for.

After giving several varieties the chop, it looks like this will be what I'll grow at home. Some will be mainly used as a seed source for future sowings, plus a couple that will be grown to improve their filial status.

Black Cherry
Collioure Plum (Seed)
Cornue des Andes (Seed)
Grub's Mystery Green
Konig Humbert (Seed)
Le Case di Apulia (Seed)
Lime Green Salad (Quad cotyledons)
Little Heart (Grow Out)
Peron (Seed)
Red Velvet (Grow Out)
Speckled Roman
Hungarian Paradicsom (Seed)
Tamina (Seed)

Varieties I'll be selling at my Plant Sale will be listed at a later date.