Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's Growing You Ask

Here are some 'Totem' seedlings sitting in the cold frame waiting for someone to purchase them. They are a short plant and grow about 30cm high with loads of cherry size fruit.


In the hothouse I have just about pricked out the last remaining Gogosari Peppers, which originate from Romania and will make a welcome addition to my plant list next year. The fruit looks like a tomato when ripe and I have been assured they are sweet and tasty.

Here's one of the babies emerging.

Gogosari Pepper

Also something that has been potted on, is some Purple Explosion Chillies, which are an ornamental variety with small hot fruit. Here you can see a genetic mutation where two colour forms have grown, I managed 2 green and 12 purple seedlings.

Explosion Chillies

I haven't sat down yet and got the final figures on Tomatoes and Chilli/Peppers, but it looks to be around 650-700 maybe more in total plants. I'll get that done next week where I can sort the good from the bad and bin a few and work on the final numbers once sorted.