Monday, January 25, 2010

Village Red - Update

This is more the size I'm expecting from this variety, although the shape could be a little better. This is my 'Village Red' tomato which has Casey's Pure Yellow in its parentage. Earlier fruit were more heart shaped as shown in an earlier posting, but this one is more oblate if you can call it that.

Weight here is 472 grams.

Some of The Different Ones this Year

Something different for the home garden and maybe something you're interested in trying, is this great little tomato called Konig Humbert (King Humbert), with supposed resistance to Wilt & Blight.

More to come on this one I think.

Here is a nice little tomato for those who want a good producer with heaps of flavour, this one is 'Le Case di Apulia'.

And for something to cook with, why not try 'Speckled Roman', one of the many paste type tomatoes.

Here's 'Siberian Cherry', one from the Digger Collection which I bought on a whim at the B Store one day. Taste is about 8/10 to be fair and a solid little tomato which will be great in salads etc.

The Paradise Tomato

I grew a Hungarian tomato with the name 'Paradicsom' (translated to Paradise) this year with good results before the hot 44C burnt off a lot of my tomato plants in the yard here. I've managed to obtain enough seed to keep me going next season as I think I'll include them in my plant sales in October. They are a sweet tomato, very meaty and although not really big this year, I do think they'll get to their normal size next season. The good thing with them is that they are a determinate plant, growing about 1 metre high, so what more can you ask for.

Here's what it looks like:-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Odd Here

Towards the end of 2008 I received some seed from a friend in the UK, for a tomato called 'Tamina' which I grew one plant late in the season and managed one fruit as the plant succumbed to the excessive heat of our Summer. The plant was a Potato Leaf Indeterminate, which seemed true to form - as you can see here.

This season I grew just one plant and we have been gathering some very sweet, golf ball size fruit from it, not previously noticing something very odd about the plant until I decided to post photos of it on the forum. As you may know, Tamina is a Potato Leaf variety, but the plant I have growing is a Regular Leaf, which has got me thinking that there is something amiss here with this plant.

I suspect there would have been either a cross, or a mix up with seed at my friends garden, so I now have this 'Odd' variety with sweet tasting fruit, that I can't really call Tamina, so looks like they will have to take on a name, so I've come up with something appropriate. I've named these 'Surrey Cross', because the cross most likely occurred in my friend Mark's garden in Surrey, England.
Oh well it was a good name at the time.

A Different Year - A Different Shape

Last season I grew out a self sown tomato which I first called Red Velvet as shown in a previous post, which was a globe shaped fruit as you can see in the photo in that post.
This year the very first fruit showed that it had changed shape and was looking more and more heart shaped in its appearance.

The interesting thing first noticed when looking at the fruit on the three plants I grew this year, was that two plants had oblate fruit, while this one had a mix of oblate and heart shape. For my seed saving efforts this season from this variety, I have selected only seed from the heart shape fruit, maybe not a wise move but as only at F2 I'll see what happens next season.

I still have my work cut out for me with growing this tomato I've called 'Village Red' - but it's all good fun.