Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Odd Here

Towards the end of 2008 I received some seed from a friend in the UK, for a tomato called 'Tamina' which I grew one plant late in the season and managed one fruit as the plant succumbed to the excessive heat of our Summer. The plant was a Potato Leaf Indeterminate, which seemed true to form - as you can see here.

This season I grew just one plant and we have been gathering some very sweet, golf ball size fruit from it, not previously noticing something very odd about the plant until I decided to post photos of it on the forum. As you may know, Tamina is a Potato Leaf variety, but the plant I have growing is a Regular Leaf, which has got me thinking that there is something amiss here with this plant.

I suspect there would have been either a cross, or a mix up with seed at my friends garden, so I now have this 'Odd' variety with sweet tasting fruit, that I can't really call Tamina, so looks like they will have to take on a name, so I've come up with something appropriate. I've named these 'Surrey Cross', because the cross most likely occurred in my friend Mark's garden in Surrey, England.
Oh well it was a good name at the time.