Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's Growing?

I have over 100 Chilli/Pepper plants in the hothouse which I'm hoping will survive through our Winter and will give me advanced seedlings when Spring arrives and some warmer weather. That's my goal at this stage and the plants are still growing well.

I took a few outside to get a photo, but it didn't work too well, but here is the result. I managed a few of the smaller plants, but too many varieties to get them all. Plants like Joe E Parker, Aji Lima, Beaver Dam are starting to get some size to them and I'll need to rethink how I'll stop them from getting spindly being so cramped. Maybe the smaller plants will need to go into the cold frame now so I can spread things out a bit.

A few more photos, some of these are from my friends in the Northern Hemisphere.