Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bush Beans & Snow Peas

I've finally got something to show from my bush bean seeds that I planted 'ages' ago, but maybe it was too cold for them, or as I've been told 'too deep'. Either way most of the row has germinated and should now grow like they should.

Close by is a row of Snow Peas which are just starting to hold the trellis with their tendrils.

Left Overs

Some left over plants from my stall at the Sunday Market. These are mostly Tomato and Sweet Peppers....

Planting Started

I planted a few tomato plants in the garden yesterday and just to be different I planted two plants per hole on some of the rarer European varieties, like this one from Spain.

Merciano Amarillo

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Single Seed

Amongst the tomato seeds this year, was a single seed for a tomato variety with the name Malakhitovaya Shkatulka which was sent to me from Scotland, which I managed to germinate successfully and actually planted it in the ground today (4/10).

The start of a new growing season

We'll, lots have been happening here in the past few months with me and not the garden, so I have neglected to update the blog, so now for some catch up. July 28 saw the tomato seeds sown, which include plants for my October Sale.

Here's a couple of photos of some that were germinated.