Monday, November 22, 2010

New from Old

Have you been saving your laterals from your tomato plants??

This is a very simple way to increase the amount of tomato plants you grow in your garden, with very minimal effort, but the reward is huge.

You may ask if this is the same as taking a cutting from a shrub, the answer is yes, all you need do is to cut the lateral with a knife, lessen the head growth a little, then plant it. I prefer to grow in soil rather than potting mix and usually find somewhere where the sun won't stress it too much. You can use a hormone powder to treat it, but it will work without just as well. A cutting of about 150mm long is ideal, then use a stick or similar to make a hole, then plant and water - then wait.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sowing Seeds - Flowers would you believe.

Well, I've bitten the bullet this season and completely moved away from propagating cuttings and have now taken up 'trying' to grow flowers from seed instead. It's a bit early to say one way or another, but I do have a few things to show for my time to date. First up I grew Russell Lupins, which are doing really well for me at the moment.

Then came seeds for the likes of the Snapdragons, Petunia's, Alyssum, Carnation, Cosmos, Lavatera, Nasturtium's, Gazania's, Marigolds etc, etc. some bought and some given to me by my sister in law Pam. Then I've ordered three special lots of pelleted forms of Petunia seeds, so I can see another sowing as soon as the parcel arrives from Sydney.

In The Garden After The Rain

We've had 40mm of lovely rain here over the weekend and the garden is looking a treat at the moment, so I thought I'd post a few photo's of what's growing at the moment.

Bounty Peas

Peas in their pods.

Coloured Silverbeet

Miel du Mexique Tomato (Honey of Mexico)

Tomato plants in the garden.

Bathtub Strawberries.

Jostaberry plants in pots.

Parsnip & Carrots

Baby Beetroot.

Black Jack Zucchini.

Jostaberry bush.

Last but not least, here is one for my Canadian and UK friends, Kirsti & Leslie as these are my Burnside's Yellow Romeo
and Japanese Onion Tomato plants.