Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've taken a fancy to growing Rhubarb from seed and Crown divisions and so far have had mixed results with what I have to show. My main varieties to date have been Sydney Crimson and Victoria, with seed sown for Paragon, French Harvest Red and Champagne Early but only the French Harvest germinating for some reason.
I did manage to get an old plant given to me, but I'm unsure as to what variety it is, but has deep red stalks and hasn't looked back after me attacking it with a knife and getting 11 healthy plants growing from it. Then while away last week I happened upon a Commercially grown red stalk crown, so it's potted up and looking good, the Rooster Booster works wonders on picking them up when they look a bit 'limp'.

The first of my Crowns cut from a gifted plant.

More from the same plant as above.

My Commercially grown crown.