Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Have Babies

I've germinated my tomato seeds a few weeks early this year due to enrollment in my Horticulture Course and while I have a semester break I thought I'd take advantage of it and sow my seeds. I had a couple of varieties that were slow to show, so I put down a couple more varieties to replace them, but as it happens, the slow ones grew. We're in the middle of our Winter here and the new seedlings will spend a couple of weeks on the heat pad before getting pricked out into individual cups.
Varieties are mostly ones we've grown before, with the exception of a few I will grow for seed, eg. Latah, First in the Field, plus Grandfather Ashlock which I'm growing for seed for Raymondo while he is busy with the Australian breeding for the Dwarf Project.

Here are a few of the babies.