Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's in the planting holes?

Here's something for your garden, it's the most effective way to water your plants, especially Tomatoes, as they feed close to the surface, but actually get water deeper down. This places it where its needed. You need to get the slotted aggie pipe as shown, the cut it about 45cm for a tomato or shorter for smaller plants. When you dig the hole, you put the pipe in, then plant over it, leaving a little stick out of the ground in case you mulch. For discussion on this, or any helpful advice on gardening, join up on - I recommend it.

Here's how the slotted aggi pipe looks when fitted beneath the tomato plant - a great idea for deep watering the tomato plants - which they absolutely love when it gets hotter.

Slotted Aggi Pipe

A 45-50cm length of pipe fitted beneath a tomato plant.

The cut tubes