Friday, September 27, 2013

So Far Behind In The Garden

I must get myself moving and get this Blog up-to-date, as my Correa growing and searching has taken up all of Winter and is encroaching on Spring and what I need to be doing to get a tomato bed going.

I've managed to germinate some tomato seeds, of which half have been pricked out and potted into 100mm square pots, the rest are coming soon. Today I potted into 70mm square tubes about 90+ of my self sown Correa seedlings, which has made a bit of room in the Cold Frame. In the coming days I'll pot up the last of the Calla Lily tubers, change the potting mix in the last of about 50 Tuberous Begonias, then think about what I'll do with about 100 Asparagus plants I have as one year old crowns, mostly in tubes.

I really need more space as I also need to build a bigger hothouse before I kick off propagation in March. Maybe we'll look at selling up here and move, as having such a small yard is a hindrance how it is at the moment.

 Here are the 64 pots of Calla Lilies I did earlier this week.

These are 90 self sown Correa seedlings I've potted into tubes.