Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Few Photos from Today

The propagation is now starting to slow down, so I can now concentrate on the vegie garden, with Telephone Peas, Butter Beans, Continental Cucumbers, Golden Zucchini & Silverbeet already in the ground. The hothouse is still full, mainly of Correa seedlings and Tomato seedlings, plus about 50 pots of mixed Correa cuttings.
I've now got 130 Calla Lilies, 100 Asparagus, 43 Tuberous Begonias and about 20 Hibiscus insularis, as well as 1000 tubes of Correas, maybe I'll have to sell some in bulk lots. Then of course there are about 50 Tomato plants which round off what is taking up the room here.

Here's a few shots taken around the garden today.

Naga Jolokia
My hothouse - Left side
My hothouse - Right side