Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On The Trot

Busy this week as back to work after my 'life threatening infection', plus trying to catch up on the jobs that I've let slip while sick. I've now got a working overhead sprinkler system on the Correa tubes in the cage, plus I got busy with the Glyphosate on the weeds along the back fence and also along my neighbours fenceline, which I spray to stop her Kikuyu coming through into our garden. Then there's the Dipel spraying which is about 60% done as I had to have surgery at Frankston today and I came off second best and look like I've been in having brain surgery, even with the shave to the head.

I doubt I'll get light duties here or at work, so I'll just take it how it comes in the next few days.

I'm still playing with the new web host and have uploaded a new Wordpress page to it so I can start to play with something different. I need a new domain name for the new site, I wonder what I can name it.

Gotta love Wordpress!!