Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tomatoes in - Been Busy

I guess I was lucky I managed to get my tomatoes planted before being bunged into hospital for a week, which gave everyone a scare, even my doctor who finally came back from holidays.

I have some recovering to do, just wish I wasn't so damn sensitive to some medications, but we know what they are now.

I have lost 3 plants for the 219 potted up, all self sown Correas that emerged in the garden this year. I have 130 Calla Lilies looking fantastic, about 36 are approx 45-50cm high and are loving it in the cold frame. Today I started to put up the 13mm poly to connect sprinklers over the cage where I have 1000+ Correa tubes, so watering will be a simple task when finished.

My hothouse has been removed and I'll start on construction of a bigger one over the Xmas period, as I want this one to have a galvanised tube frame, not like the PVC of the old one.

We're 6 weeks out from taking the tops out of the small tomato crop at work, which will then give us a month for the plants to wind down before being pulled out.

I've moved my Correa web page to a host in the USA this week and I'm really glad to be getting away from the shonky mob I had hosting it here in Oz. They still haven't acknowledged my email about closing my hosting accounts early, but I've had nothing but problems with them and they know it and I can do with a rest from web related 'problems'.

Looking forward to a quiet Summer, maybe tour the Goldfields and parts of South Australia this time and maybe drop in on the rellies in Adelaide along the way.